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Colombia Wilton Benitez - Special Release

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Special Release - This coffee will be roasted on the week of the 1st and 15th each month while quantities last.

This unique coffee comes from Granja Paraiso 92 from producer Wilton Benitez in Piendamó, Cauca.  Paraíso 92 is a highly innovative farm with its own processing plant, microbiology lab, and quality lab. This particular coffee is a washed tabi that has undergone a double anaerobic thermal shock process.  The first anaerobic fermentation phase involves adding specific microorganisms under carefully controlled conditions. Afterwards, the coffee is pulped and then subjected to a second fermentation phase. When the second fermentation phase is complete, a thermal shock process is carried out through hot and cold-water shots in an effort to improve and boost the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee.  The result is a coffee unlike any we've had before with exotic notes of tropical fruit and spice and intense sweetness.

When we drink this coffee we think of...
strawberry, guava, mint, cardamom

Region: Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia
Variety: Tabi
Elevation: 1,900 masl
Processing: Double anaerobic thermal shock

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Social Coffee is about community. Our social and environmental values are reflected in the products and relationships we create. Our coffee is thoughtfully sourced, handcrafted, and roasted in small batches. We love what we do and our goal is to make every cup our best.


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Small Batch

Our coffee beans are freshly roasted in small batches every Friday and shipped the day after, which means they are never roasted more than 7 days before despatch.


We use coffee beans sourced from farmers who uphold sustainable practices and are ensured a fair price. Big change can be made one coffee at a time.