Final Proof Blend - Espresso

Final Proof Blend - Espresso

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Our most popular coffee! Final Proof is a blend of coffees from Peru, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, specifically selected and roasted for espresso. The result is a sweet, balanced, full bodied coffee that goes great with milk or on its own.

When we drink this coffee we think of...
toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and citrus

Region: Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Processing: Washed, Natural

We spare no expense in providing you with a fair trade, sustainable hand-crafted coffee experience. Our passion for coffee is reflected in the quality of relationship we strive to build with the worldwide coffee community. We aim to raise the standard of how coffee is produced, traded, and consumed. Every cup of small-batch coffee we drink connects us to the hundreds of coffee farmers around the globe working to provide us with our top-notch product. People are at the heart of Social Coffee.


About Us

Social Coffee is about community. Our social and environmental values are reflected in the products and relationships we create. Our coffee is thoughtfully sourced, handcrafted, and roasted in small batches. We love what we do and our goal is to make every cup our best.

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