Honduras Edgar Cruz - Filter

Honduras Edgar Cruz - Filter

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This smooth honey processed coffee comes from Edgar Cruz's family-run farm "Finca Piedra Blanca" in Belen Gualcho, Ocotepeque, one of the areas most recognized for its excellent coffee quality. Edgar's vision is being able to overcome and improve the quality of life of his family. He started coffee production with a farm that his father inherited to him in 1998 and since then, he has been fighting to keep it in good condition and betting on quality. The first thing Don Edgar does is pulp the coffee in a small mill he has near the farm, then it is transferred to the Beneficio San Marcos mill to be able to pre-dry in patios, after 2 days of sun. It is then transferred to African-type solar dryers for final drying.

When we drink this coffee we think of...
strawberry, white chocolate, meyer lemon

Region: Belen Gualcho, Ocotepeque, Honduras
Varietals: Ihcafe 90, Yellow Catuai
Elevation: 1,650 masl
Processing: Honey

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