Kenya Kiandu - Filter

Kenya Kiandu - Filter

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This coffee comes from the Kiandu washing station in Nyeri county, Kenya, which is operated by the Tetu Coffee Growers society. The washing station serves 1,524 coffee producers who each maintain up to 200 coffee trees. Not only is the fertile terroir in Nyeri ideal for coffee growing, but the coffee benefits from Kenya's notable commitment to processing. The entire regimen is sometimes referred to as the 72 hour process, a triple ferment process where the third stage utilizes fresh water to remove any lingering fruit. Members of the society have access to pre-financed services such as medical, school, and farm inputs. Overall investment has led to an increase of coffee production and high returns for producers.

When we drink this coffee we think of...
currant, cherry, raspberry, strawberry rhubarb pie

Region: Nyeri, Kenya
Varietals: SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru
Elevation: 1,800 masl
Processing: Washed

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